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A fashion brand select-shop located in Taipei, Taiwan. 

TRENDS founded in 2012, pioneering men’s wear retail. We focusing on introducing European high- end brands,

next to streetwear that attracts the most attention nowadays.

In 2017, in oder to creating more feminine and neutral element . TRENDS started out bring women’s wear,

showcasing a wide selection of distinctive clothing options 


By bringing world-renowned designer brands to Taiwan, TRENDS aims to present an exclusive and unique shopping experience

for those who adore fashion. Additionally, we consistently strive to extend the diversity of our merchandise, while, respecting and celebrating each brand’s unique characteristics and originality. 


We also contribute our love for arts by curating window displays. The goal being to promote local artists and in addition,

provide a space where people can embrace art and fashion simultaneously. 

TRENDS is dedicated to making international fashion locally accessible and a part of the urban people’s lifestyle. 

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